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Old Fashioned Floral Swim Cap, Beautiful Flower Petals - Pink/White
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Old Fashioned Floral Swim Cap, Beautiful Flower Petals - Pink/White

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Fabulous Retro 50's style old-fashioned rubber ladies Swim Cap in Vibrant Pink, decorated with pretty Flower Petals on one side. Made in finest quality rubber it's soft and supple and easy to slip on. One size only, Adult, fits a little more comfortably than standard swim caps and easier to pull on.

Swim caps really aren't meant to be watertight, your hair may well get wet (our hair, ears and shape of our heads make it almost impossible to get a completely watertight seal) but by wearing a cap it helps prevent chlorine/oil etc., from damaging your hair because wearing a swim cap prevents that wash through that loose hair gets. Swim caps also helps stop loose hair covering your face while swimming, and help prevent loose hair clogging pool filters.

The Benefits of a Swim Cap: Hair care professionals recommend protecting your hair. Chlorine and salt water both dry, discolor, and damage hair. Chlorine binds to the hair, filling in gaps in the hair shaft. Mineral deposits in salt water make hair brassy and brittle. Both severely dehydrate hair making it not only lose it's natural sheen but also creating "split ends".

A color and treatment hair specialist from one of New York's leading salons recommends wearing a swim cap to help protect your hair from this damage. Protect your hair, wear one of our caps and be the center of fashion too!


Classic Waffle/Bubble Crepe Swim Cap

Floral Trim / 3 Flowers

Helps Protect Hair From Damage

Fun Fashion Accessory for the Pool or the Beach

Color: Vibrant Pink

Product Details:
Package Length: 9.0 inches
Package Width: 1.1 inches
Package Height: 0.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 6 reviews
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